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Travelling by train is one of the most relaxing ways to tour Ireland. With no maps, no traffic jams, no stress and a cup of tea from the trolley, a train trip could be just the ticket. We offer the best value rates for travelling by train.  Put us to the test and get a quote today! There is beauty to be seen all around Ireland and there is no more relaxing way to see it than taking a trip by rail. We have tours to suit every occasion and welcome groups of all sizes. Imagine yourself relaxing on a train, staring out at the Irish countryside while enjoying a cup of tea. Relaxing, comfortable and scenic!

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If you’re looking for a longer rail tour or one which includes the U.K., then just enquire within. We can give you even more options. If you’re looking for rail tours Ireland is the place to do it!

Advantages of Rail Tours

  1. Comfort

Travell ing by train offers the luxury of being able to move freely around the cabin. Additionally, there is ample foot room, sleeper cabins, and restaurant cars providing amenities for long trips.  Train travel does not have the turbulence often experienced in airplanes or the seasickness felt in boats. Nor does it feel cramped like car travel.

  1. Family Oriented

Rail travel is ideal for families with kids and the elderly as it allows for as much up or down time as needed for comfortable travel. Families are easily able to spend comfortable, quality time with one another while the train is in transit, an added benefit that is not as easy to take advantage of when travelling by air or car.

  1. Stress Free Environment

Unlike hectic airports and traffic-laden highways, rail travel offers the chance to sit back and relax. There are private cars for quiet travel or multi-passenger cars if you prefer to make new friends. Security is not as time consuming or stressful as airport security and baby strollers and larger luggage are able to fit on board without hassle.

  1. Scenery

Rail travel provides the opportunity to really take in the views. Unlike air and car travel, trains’ wide-open windows and relaxing atmosphere provide passengers with unlimited entertainment. Train travel, unlike its counterparts, offers a unique experience, as passengers are able to take in beautiful sights while making their way to their final destination.

The same level of sightseeing is difficult to achieve in a car. Access to mountains, overpasses, and remote locations can be limited. Being responsible for driving a vehicle and navigating also hinder travellers’ abilities to take in the sights, which is a non-issue on a train?

  1. History

Rail travel has rich history that can be seen in the various historic rail stations and felt in the on board cabins. The vintage feel of railways takes passengers back in time making it a perfect way by which to view historic landmarks and landscapes.

  1. Camaraderie

Because of the relaxed environment of train travel, there are many opportunities to make new friends from individuals from all around the world.

Rail Tours Ireland

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