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A honeymoon in Ireland is a trip that will never be forgotten.Honeymoon in Ireland, Irish castle

If you had something else in mind, just contact us here free of charge. We would be happy to create the honeymoon itinerary that you’ve always dreamed of! Would you like to be driven? Or drive? Do you have a budget you need to keep to? All you need to do is ask! Our knowledgeable advisers can organize the perfect vacation for you!

Are you looking for a luxury romantic retreat in a majestic Irish castle? Or a getaway in a quaint cottage? Or perhaps an adventure honeymoon is more your style? How about an activity honeymoon putting you and your new spouse through your paces, Ireland has all that you need.

At My Holiday Ireland we have the expertise to help you plan that dream Irish honeymoon. Whether you plan a mini-moon, a short romantic break or long honeymoon. We will advise on the best options to suit your budget.

In this section we have included a few sample honeymoon in Ireland packages and itineraries. All of which can be adapted to your own unique requirements. Or alternatively you can contact our Ireland specialists now to build your own unique honeymoon to Ireland.

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So what are you waiting for?! Get a quote today from our friendly travel experts and start planning your dream vacation with us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Contact us here! Our team of experienced Irish travel experts and vacation advisors have just one goal. We want to create that lifelong dream honeymoon in Ireland vacation that you will remember forever.

Why choose a honeymoon in Ireland? 

  1. Ireland is a serenely beautiful country

Ireland-lovers are drawn by its natural beauty and, outside of Dublin, the capital city,  its calm solitude.

This peacefulness is found in Ireland’s natural environment. From trickling hillside springs to glorious bays and beaches. Ireland and its people enjoy their slower, more relaxed pace of life.

When you come to Ireland you can experience this natural beauty and serenity up close. There are literally thousands of beautiful, scenic places in Ireland with beautiful architecture.

  1. Irish happiness

In Ireland, a popular expression is “I’m happy in my own skin”. This means that someone is generally content in life.

Irish people use this expression a lot. Indeed, Irish people have consistently been surveyed to be among the happiest people in Europe.

Irish people are also quite open and friendly. They like to talk to visitors and interact with them. If you holiday in Ireland, and meet Irish people, you will find that the happiness of Irish people genuinely rubs off on you.

  1. Ireland has a rich and ancient heritage – Stay in an Irish Castle

Whether you’d like to spend your honeymoon in a genuine medieval Irish castle, or visit a 5,000 year old farm. You can do all of this and more in Ireland.

Ireland has a history that spans different eras and many relics of those periods still survive today. If you’d like to experience a truly unique culture. Such as traditional Gaelic music handed down through generations. Or ancient Celtic art preserved in stunning manuscripts and gold artifacts, you’ll find it all in Ireland.