Irelands Ancient East

History, Authentic Local Life, Irish Castles…

Want to visit Ireland? Why not visit historic Irish castles and stay in the cottages in Ireland along Ireland’s Ancient East!


Irish Castles

For those who love to peel back the layers of time, Ireland’s Ancient East is a wonderful opportunity to experience 5,000 years of European history in a compact area. Get off the beaten track to see, hear, touch and feel the imprints of the millennia of settlers in this land. Ancient Man, Early Christians, Medieval Lords, Colonial Settlers and their descendants have all been seduced by these most lush, green and fertile lands. Hear for yourself their stories. Take your time to discover it all – the Stone Age art, the monasteries, the castles and fortresses.

There’s an engaging authenticity to life in the local, bustling towns and villages. Take in a festival. Try local fresh produce or tasty local specialties, many of which trace their roots to ancient times. Drive leafy roads through lush rolling valleys. Explore meandering rivers or the mountains that once protected the original inhabitants.

You will leave not just refreshed. You will also feel illuminated by these many ancient wonders and the stories of how they came to this rich land. Also, how Irish life today has been shaped by their immensely powerful influence. Ireland’s Ancient East comprises of four different themes – Ancient Ireland, Early Christian Ireland, Medieval Ireland and Anglo Ireland.


History & Irish Castles

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Get up close to the stones and stories of Ireland’s prehistoric past. Hear tales of druids and mythical warriors told by locals in a magical and inspiring way. Feel the ancient past as it echoes in the lives of the vibrant towns and villages of this lush landscape. Especially at festivals and events!

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Step into Ireland’s Golden Age of Saints and Scholars. Visit the university and monastery sites where Ireland’s pioneering saints and monks wrote some of the world’s greatest illuminated manuscripts. This was before spreading their learning and spirituality throughout a Europe locked in the Dark Ages. Be inspired, as they were, by the lush landscape, it’s life and people. Celebrate their enduring legacy at festivals and events in the bustling towns and villages.

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Explore the pathways and lush river valleys of Medieval Ireland to hear tales of invasions and rebellion. Let your imagination take flight amongst the walls of the great Irish castles and fortresses, where foreign knights wrested the land from the old chieftains. Enjoy local food, events and festivals in the vibrant towns and villages. Most of which trace their origins to the arrival of the medieval merchants and craftsmen.

Irish Castles

Discover the stories of a time of contrasts. It shaped the lives of the now settled conquerors of Ireland and those they ruled over. This is the time of Empire, Rebellion, Innovation and Industry.Compare life in the ornate Gardens of the landed classes to the more troubled existences of their subjects. Enjoy the fruits of this land in cute tea-rooms, homely B&B’s and formal dining rooms.

Irish Castles

Discover tombs older than the pyramids , from pagan and Celtic Ireland , Be moved at monasteries  and the masterworks of our Christian Heritage. Explore a Viking settlement. Walk a medieval mile. Brave a battleground. Discover the stories of a time of contrasts, the time of empire, rebellion, innovation and industry.

It’s easy to take it all in. To go at your own pace. To dip in or delve in. To meet great people. To enjoy unique places that have inspired for thousands of years!

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