Giants Causeway

Giants CausewayLooking for things to do in Northern Ireland? One of Ireland’s most  stunning natural wonders is the Giants Causeway The causeway is located on the Ireland’s  northeast coast and lies just a few miles from the town of Bushmills, in County Antrim.  Like much of Irish folklore, the Giant’s Causeway is steeped in as much myth and legend as actual fact.  The new visitor centre at the site uses this theme to explain much of the areas lore.  There are many theories as to the origins of the Causeway, the debates vary from it being built by men with tools, to it being made by natural geological forces, to the well know legend of it being created by a giant, named Finn McCool. It truly is a unique place to visit.

Geologic History of the Giants Causeway

Despite the legends and folklore that surround the Giant;’s Causeway the actual, natural history is somewhat less dramatic.  The  rock formations were created by an unusual  lava flow over 65 million years ago of  molten basalt rising through a chalk bed, and then cooling and cracking to form the tall columns that make up the causeway.  The cracking produced interesting geometric designs, and although most of the columns are six-sided, others have between four and eight sides.  The rapid cooling that took place is likely the result of the lava coming into contact with water.  At the time of this landscape’s creation, Ireland’s location was  near the equator, and was shifting northward with the movement of the tectonic plates.  The causeway’s 40,000 columns range in height, with the tallest around 36 feet high.

Mythology of the Giants Causeway

Finn McCool is at the centre of the many myths and legends that surround the Giant’s Causeway. The causeway was built as a walkway by the Irish Giant to Scotland to fight his Scottish enemy named Bernandonner.  The story follows that Finn fell asleep before he could cross to Scotland, and Bernandonner came across the causeway to Ireland in search of Finn.  His wife, Oonaugh, saw that the Scotsman was much larger than her Finn, and she cleverly wrapped him up, and pretended that he was   her baby.  When the giant Scotsman saw this enormous baby, he immediately assumed that the  father must indeed be a much larger giant than he. He fled back to Scotland, tearing up the causeway as he went, to keep Finn McCool from following him back to  Scotland.  The legend was not entirely unbelievable to people for many years, as there are similar corresponding  rock formations  on the Scottish side of the water. Whether you’re interested in the myth or just the scenery, you’ll find plenty of things to do in Northern Ireland.

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Giant's Causeway - Northern Ireland

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