The Gaelic Games Experience

gaelic Experience Gaelic Games is a hands-on activity which explains the cultural phenomena of Gaelic Games.

It’s full of fun and laughter and an ideal break out activity for conference groups. It’s suitable for both genders and all ages –it’s the most memorable, authentic and fun Irish experience visitors can have.

The indigenous Gaelic Games of Gaelic Football and Hurling are an international cultural phenomena in Ireland they are far more important than just sport. They typify what it means to be Irish – that’s why the governing body is the largest amateur sporting body in the world and why the finals attract more live spectators than the 2013 Superbowl!

Day time activities include:

A personally delivered introduction to the history and importance of Games in Ireland. (The introduction features video clips of football and Hurling games which has up to 82,500 spectators.)

Your group will get to play Gaelic Football and Ladies Gaelic Football (Including fun team building challenges)

And also a chance to take part in the worlds’ oldest and fastest game on grass – Hurling (Great fun and perfect photo opportunity!)games

Evening Participation Activities include:

Irish Ceili Dancing lessons – (Superb Ice Breaker for large groups)

An introduction on how to play a Bodhrán (Irish Drumming for the more sedate groups!)