Game Of Thrones Car Tour

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Can’t wait until next season to experience more in the world of Game of Thrones? This 7 night Game of Thrones car tour is for you! It is a voyage of discovery that lets you experience the fantasy world of author George R.R. Martin for yourself. It will take you to where so many of the pivotal scenes were shot.


Game of Thrones Car Tour - Visit Northern Ireland

Overnight Locations:
Night 1: Dublin
Night 2 & 3 : Belfast
Night 4 : Ballycastle, Antrim Coast
Night 5& 6 : Derry
Night 7 – Dublin

All Hotels Prebooked
Create Your Own Daily Itinerary
Independent Dublin Tour
Two-Night Stay in Belfast & Derry
Great for Small Groups

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Low Season B&Bs 3 * Hotel 4* Hotel
Bed & Breakfast for 7 nights and Rental of an Economy Manual car N/A  €679 pps  €837 pps
High Season B&BS 3* Hotel 4*Hotel
Bed & Breakfast for 7 nights and Rental of an Economy Manual car N/A  €837 pps  €1,021 pps


Tour package Includes :
Economy Manual vehicle eg., Ford Fiesta with unlimited mileage based on a minimum of 2 people travelling together
Inclusive of : Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), theft protection (TP), government tax (VAT) and Location Service Charge.(Upgrade rates for larger or automatic transmissions are available on request)
Full breakfast daily except on day one
All local taxes and hotel service charges
Confirmation documents for each of your accommodations including driving directions

  • All rates above are per adult sharing, child and single supplements apply
  • Low Season- November-March
  • High Season- April-October

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Day 1 –  Arrival

Welcome to Dublin!

Upon arrival check into your hotel.  Time permitting take a hop on hop off bus tour of Dublin this way you can experience the culture history and beauty that is Dublin. The tour passes Dublin’s top visitor attractions on this great 90 minute tour including: Guinness Storehouse, Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, The Irish Whiskey Trail at the Old Jameson Distillery, Christ Church Cathedral, St Patrick’s Cathedral and much, much more.

Overnight Dublin

 Day 2 – Dublin – Belfast

Travel from Dublin to Belfast.  Time permitting stop off enroute at Newgrange. A World Heritage Site Newgrange is the largest and one of the most important complex of Megalithic sites in Europe, dating to the Neolithic period.  The site predates the Egyptian pyramids and was built with sophistication and a knowledge of science and astronomy, which is most evident in the passage grave of Newgrange.

Onwards to Belfast. Visit the Titanic Musuem and the Titanic Quarter. In 1912 the maiden voyage of the Titanic resulted in one of the most tragic and deadly peacetime maritime disasters in history. The spirits of the Titanic and Belfast are forever intertwined and as you explore this area you can discover the city’s role in the story.  While exploring the Titanic Quarter, you will come across the Titanic Film Studios where some of the Game of Thrones scenes were filmed. Time permitting, take a black taxi tour of Belfast!

Overnight Belfast

Day 3 –  Co. Down

Today, we would suggest you explore Co. Down.

Visit Castle Ward which may be more familiar as Winterfell and overlooks the beautiful Strangford Lough.  Inside this beautiful 820 acre walled demesne, you will find the spectacular house, an exotic sunken garden and a haunting woodland. Castle Ward is the prime location for Winterfell and the lands surrounding Winterfell in the North.  This is where King Robert Baratheon and his retiune arrive and are met by the Starks in Season 1.  This is also the place where Bran and Osha’s scenes in Season 1 take place.

Visit Robb Stark’s camp, Audley’s field.  Lots of drama unfolds in Audley’s Field and Castle by Strangford Lough. Visit and you can even explore Robb’s Trail, one of two Game Of Thrones® self-guided cycling tours in the Castle Ward Estate.  Audley’s Field was used during Season 1 as King Robert Baratheon and his retinue arrive at Winterfell. It’s the backdrop of Robb’s Camp in Season 2 and the place where he first meets Talisa. Later on, Audley’s Field is where Alton Lannister is imprisoned with Jaime (and doesn’t live to tell the tale).

Travel onwards to Tullymore Forest park (The Haunted Forest). The park featured in the first episode of Season 1, covers an area almost 630 hectares at the foot of the beautiful Mourne Mountains.  This romantic forest is home to trees, woodlands, streams, grottos and caves – and offers panoramic views of the sea at nearby Newcastle.  You might remember this haunting forest from the scene in which a member of the Night’s Watch rides through the snowy forest and stumbles upon dismembered Wildling bodies. It’s also where Ned Stark and his boys come across the gored stag and find direwolf pups.

Return to Belfast.  Overnight in Belfast.

 Day 4  –   Antrim Coast

Depart Belfast for the Antrim Coast and the film locations along the Causeway Coastal Route – this is a long but spectacular day!


Game of Thrones series kicked off in dramatic  fashion with Ned Stark beheading the Night’s Watch  deserter in full view of Jon Snow, Theon Greyjoy, and the Stark brothers Robb and Bran. It is also where Catelyn captures Tyrion Lannister. When Bran,  Rickon, Osha, and Hodor head north to The Wall it is also from the land above Cairncastle that they take a last look back at Winterfell

Shillanavogy Valley

An appropriate setting for the Game of Thrones scenes where Daenerys Targaryen first learns what a Khaleesi is, and she, Ser Jorah Mormont, and the  Dothraki horsemen ride through the grasslands en route to Vaes Dothrak


Steensons Jewellery Économusée is where many of the stunning pieces for the series were crafted such as Joffrey’s crown, Lannister lion pendants, stag pins, and silver fish brooches.

Cushenden Caves

Where the Game of Thrones crew filmed the dramatic scene from Season Two in which Davos Seaworth, on the orders of Lord Stannis, takes the sorceress Melisandre ashore where she gives birth to a shadowy baby (which eventually killed Renly).

Murlogh Bay & Fairhead

Used as the road to Pyke on which Theon Greyjoy and his sister Asha ride on horseback, and where Davos Seaworth is shipwrecked after the Battle of Blackwater Bay.

The Dark Hedges

Leaving the coastal route for a short; this is where Arya Stark, dressed as a boy, escaped  from King’s Landing in the company of Yoren,  Gendry, and Hot Pie. Located near Armoy these were popular before the Game of Thrones was filmed here!

Overnight Ballycastle or surrounding area.

Day 5

This morning continue on your Game of Thrones journey to Larrybane.


Larrybane hosted several key scenes; including where Brienne beats Ser Loras in a tourney and is given a place in Renly’s Kingsguard as a reward. Renly also swears to Lady Stark that he will avenge Ned’s death, but meets his end at the hands of Melisandre’s shadow baby. Margaery confides to Littlefinger that she wants to be Queen. Davos tries to tell Stannis what he witnessed in the cave with Melisandre. This location is close to the Carrick a Rede Rope Bridge – time permitting stop here.  Carrick-a-Rede was also used as the background for Storm’s End (seat of House Baratheon)

Ballintoy Harbour

This picturesque inlet doubled as Lordsport Harbour (The Iron Islands) for the homecoming of Theon Greyjoy. The beach and bay at Ballintoy is where Theon was baptized into the faith of the ‘Drowned God’, and where the pirate Salladhor Sann met Davos and pledged his support (and ships) to Stannis Baratheon

The Giant’s Causeway

Filming may not have taken place at the Giant’s Causeway (although the sea beyond featured in several sweeping shots) but if time permits you really don’t want to miss the UNESCO  World Heritage Site with it’s unique six-sided basalt columns and the wonderful local legend that is Finn McCool.

Continue along the coast to Downhill Beach & Mussenden Temple.  The beautiful beach doubled as Dragonstone,  where the Seven Idols of Westeros were burned  and Melisandre, flames dancing into the night sky,  proclaimed in the episode ‘The North Remembers’:  “For the night is dark and full of terrors.

Onwards to Derry and overnight.

Day 6

Featured in Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel Guide 2013’, Londonderry, also known as Derry, is an ancient yet contemporary city.  It was also the worthy recipient of the prestigious title ‘UK City of Culture 2013’.

Take a walking tour or city bus tour and learn all about the importance of this city and how it has emerged from the shadows of the past. And a walk around the famous Walls of Derry are a must – one of Europe’s best preserved walled settlements. Built to defend the Plantation city from marauding Irish chieftains, the walls were completed in 1618.

There are lots of museums and cultural centers for you to visit from the beautiful Guildhall to St. Columb’s Cathedral to the Tower Museum.

Overnight Derry

 Day 7

Travel from Derry to Dublin. Either stop off en route and visit the Ulster American Folk Park or upon arrival in Dublin visit the Guinness Storehouse – Ireland’s No. 1 Visitor Attraction!

Overnight Dublin.

 Day 8

Return to Dublin Airport.

Would you prefer to spend your time in Ireland golfing? Check out our sister site Tourism Ireland Golf for more info on this!

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